Introducing the NEW Tonecraft Boostmate


The NEW TONECRAFT BOOSTMATE is a simple yet powerful solution that allows you to use microphones with your studio's tube direct boxes, effects pedals and guitar amplifiers. Simply plug your mic into the BOOSTMATE's XLR input and run a short 1/4" guitar patch cable to your Tube D.I., effects pedal or amplifier.   Your Tube D.I. has now been transformed into a high quality Tube Mic Pre with an extra 20db of gain and your effects pedals and amps are being fed with a full frequency, noise free signal so you can create superior amped and effected recordings without having to re-amp later.   

In the past the common fix was an inline Lo-Z to Hi-Z adaptor, but these units use tiny, unshielded transformers that are notoriously noisy, prone to overloading and dramatically roll off both high and low frequencies.  The BOOSTMATE features a high quality Mu Metal shielded transformer with excellent frequency response, level handling and noise immunity.   The body is all steel and designed for heavy use.   A fully passive device, the BOOSTMATE requires no power for use with dynamic, ribbon and tube microphones.    

The BOOSTMATE is a simple necessity for every studio.  

Tonecraft Boostmate U.S. Customers
Tonecraft Boostmate International Customers

Chris Stillwell's old school bass rig at the Fillmore


Chris Stillwell had a great rig going last week for his show with Karl Denson's Tiny Universe at the Fillmore in San Francisco.  2 X 15" vintage Fender cabinet, Tonecraft 363 on the front end with a GK 400 being used as a power amp.  His vintage Fender P and Jazz basses are both strung with heavy flatwounds.   No complaints.  

Here's a video of Chris and Karl tearing up their original song Inland Emperor with their funk supergroup The Greyboy Allstars.   

Kaveh Rastegar on the road with John Legend and Tonecraft

Kaveh with Italian pop superstar Luciano Ligabue

Kaveh with Italian pop superstar Luciano Ligabue

Modern bass legend Kaveh Rasteghar has been using the 363 on studio sessions for the past 6 months and is currently running it on upright bass with John Legend's acoustic summer tour. Kaveh is one of the greatest bassists on the the planet right now and is making music all over the map: European stadiums with Ligabue, tracks with bay area underground hip hop group Latyrx, musical director for Sia, songwriting with Bruno Mars, Kimbra, Cee Lo Green, Kimbra, De La Soul and Meshell Ndegeocello, experimental jazz with Kneebody and Thruster.   On top of that he's a super down to earth dude.  We're proud to have him as a Tonecraft artist.

Kaveh quiver on the road with John Legend

Kaveh quiver on the road with John Legend

363 studio action

363 studio action

Tonecraft on the Road with Freddie Washington and Steely Dan.

Tonecraft will totally change the way you hear your instrument and respond to it. In all my years of being a professional bass player I’ve never heard anything like it before. It’s the sound and tone I’ve been searching for.
— "Ready" Freddie Washington, bassist with Steely Dan

We are proud to have the Tonecraft 363 Tube Direct Box on Steely Dan's Jamalot Ever After Tour currently making it's way across the country.  The 363 is being used by legendary bassist "Ready" Freddie Washington.  Freddie is a true gentleman with one of the all time best bass grooves.   Thanks for the support Freddie and we look forward to hearing you on tour! 

Tony Berg chooses the 363 for bass on new AJ Croce track "Always and Evermore"

Legendary LA producer Tony Berg (Fiona Apple, Bob Dylan, Michael Penn) recently put the 363 to the test recording Sebastian Steinberg playing through a 1964 Hofner flatwound strung violin bass on AJ Croce's track Always and Evermore from his new album Twelve Tales.  Steinberg dug deep into to the 363's tones and you can really hear it on his impressive runs.  Proud to be part of such a great album.   It's climbing the charts fast (#23 Roots, #50 Rock as of today) and we urge people to pick up a copy!    You can check the track out here. 


Flyline Music named exclusive Tonecraft distributor for Switzerland

For Immediate Release
5/20/2014  La Jolla, CA

Tonecraft Audio has named Flyline Music AG as the exclusive distributor for Switzerland.  Flyline chief Andreas Michel immediately saw the value in our product stating, "We are very excited to offer the 363 Tube DI to our clients. After testing we're absolutely convinced that it can compete with all competitors in the professional market. It's great for musicians, PA companies and should not be missed in any professional recording facility."  

Tonecraft's Jon Erickson states.  "We first met Andreas for a demonstration in his hotel room during NAMM.  We didn't have a booth so we had to go guerilla style.  Co-designer Ryan Feves played his 19th century French upright bass through the 363 into a powered floor monitor.   The sound was tremendous.  After a few strokes with the bow, I think Andreas was hooked.  We are proud to have 
Flyline, a world leader in professional audio, embracing our new company.   Andreas saw straight away that we are obsessed with the finest details in our designs and our mutual respect for quality and service should be the basis for a long relationship."

Andreas Michel carefully balancing his brands

Andreas Michel carefully balancing his brands