"Ready" Freddie Washington

"Ready" Freddie Washington

Tonecraft will totally change the way you hear your instrument and respond to it. In all my years of being a professional bass player I’ve never heard anything like it before. It’s the sound and tone I’ve been searching for.
— "Ready" Freddie Washington, bassist with Steely Dan

Kaveh Rastegar

Kaveh Rastegar

Kaveh Rastegar, bassist with John Legend, Ligabue, Kneebody 


Scott Hirsch, Hiss Golden Messenger

Chris Stillwell
I’m normally not a fussy guy when it comes to gear, but this thing is like carrying a lunchbox that gives me the Ampeg B-15N tone through whatever power amp I plug it into. No more back line headaches. It also helps that it looks pretty boss as well.
— Chris Stillwell, bassist with The Greyboy Allstars and Karl Denson's Tiny Universe


Davey Faragher, bassist with Elvis Costello

Todd Sickafoose

Todd Sickafoose

This thing sounds killer! FOH engineer is a fan. I loved being able to crank good-sounding treble/clarity for him. Worlds above that same EQ move on a digital monitor desk or the like.
— Todd Sickafoose, bassist/composer (Ani DiFranco, Tiny Resistors)


Dave Way, Producer: TLC, Michael Jackson, Pink


Woody Jackson, Producer/Composer: Grand Theft Auto V, Oceans 12/13, 
Owner Vox Studios


Michael Andrews, Film Score Composer: Donnie Darko, Walk Hard, Bridesmaids

Tony Berg
Why do we covet some gear and have such disdain for the rest? Is it because we are swayed by how it looks? The logo? The name? Because someone we admire uses it? Probably yes on all counts, but what really convinces us is when we plug in, play a phrase and think, “This sounds fucking great!” We’re inspired to do our best work, as I am with the 363. That’s the whole point, isn’t it?
— Tony Berg, producer (Fiona Apple, Bob Dylan, Michael Penn)

The 363 is fantastic. A beautiful, tube driven game changer.
— Lex Price, producer/bassist (K.D. lang, Grant-Lee Phillips, Indigo Girls)


Mike Butler, Engineer/Producer: Shins, Death Cab for Cutie, Ray LaMontague

Tom Ward

Tom Ward

I really like the 363! Great for sending signal to a second amp—I like to use smaller amps, but one on each side of the stage—and I couldn’t imagine a better way to get the direct-through-a-tube pick-click-driven flatwound-sound that I love.
— Tom Ward, session bassist