tonecraft tube direct box

Tonecraft on the Road with Freddie Washington and Steely Dan.

Tonecraft will totally change the way you hear your instrument and respond to it. In all my years of being a professional bass player I’ve never heard anything like it before. It’s the sound and tone I’ve been searching for.
— "Ready" Freddie Washington, bassist with Steely Dan

We are proud to have the Tonecraft 363 Tube Direct Box on Steely Dan's Jamalot Ever After Tour currently making it's way across the country.  The 363 is being used by legendary bassist "Ready" Freddie Washington.  Freddie is a true gentleman with one of the all time best bass grooves.   Thanks for the support Freddie and we look forward to hearing you on tour! 

Tonecraft 363 Sample Audio Clips

We recently recorded a set of audio clips in a band setting with select instruments broken out into solo'ed mixes.  These are unadorned recordings so that you can hear the sound of what an instrument sounds like from cable to 363 to converter.   You can listen to electric bass, electric guitar, Nord, Hammond, Wurly and Clavinet as well as two different acoustic guitars with very common pickups played with pick and fingerstyle.  We will be creating more samples in the coming weeks and please feel to contact us with any questions or comments. 

We have created a playlist at Soundcloud.  The mixes are 24 bit/48k and you are welcome to download the hi-resolution files.