Chris Stillwell's old school bass rig at the Fillmore


Chris Stillwell had a great rig going last week for his show with Karl Denson's Tiny Universe at the Fillmore in San Francisco.  2 X 15" vintage Fender cabinet, Tonecraft 363 on the front end with a GK 400 being used as a power amp.  His vintage Fender P and Jazz basses are both strung with heavy flatwounds.   No complaints.  

Here's a video of Chris and Karl tearing up their original song Inland Emperor with their funk supergroup The Greyboy Allstars.   

Tony Berg chooses the 363 for bass on new AJ Croce track "Always and Evermore"

Legendary LA producer Tony Berg (Fiona Apple, Bob Dylan, Michael Penn) recently put the 363 to the test recording Sebastian Steinberg playing through a 1964 Hofner flatwound strung violin bass on AJ Croce's track Always and Evermore from his new album Twelve Tales.  Steinberg dug deep into to the 363's tones and you can really hear it on his impressive runs.  Proud to be part of such a great album.   It's climbing the charts fast (#23 Roots, #50 Rock as of today) and we urge people to pick up a copy!    You can check the track out here.